Steve Rosenthal

Strategic Advisor

For nearly 30 years, Steve Rosenthal has been at the center of progressive Democratic politics and policy, having served as the founder and CEO of America Coming Together (ACT), one of the largest voter mobilization campaigns in Democratic history; as the innovative political director of the AFL-CIO; and as founder and president of The Atlas Project. Steve is also the president of Working for Us PAC, whose mission is to hold members of Congress accountable to the populist vision at the heart of the Democratic Party. Steve has been described by the New York Times as one of the Democratic Party's "smartest and most influential strategists" and by the Washington Post as "one of the party's best-known voter turnout specialists."

Beginning in 1981, Steve spent 11 years working for the Communications Workers of America, where he started as an organizer and ended as Administrative Assistant to former-CWA President Morton Bahr. During the first three years of the Clinton Administration, Steve served as Associate Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor, where he acted as former Secretary Robert Reich's chief advisor on policy and legislation related to unions.

Prior to his tenure at CWA, Steve managed and consulted with congressional, state, and local campaigns in his home state of New York and also worked for the New York State Legislature. Steve has worked in every Democratic presidential effort since 1972. He is a native of New York and currently resides with his family in Takoma Park, MD.