Jenna Fullmer


For over a decade, Jenna has worked closely with progressive organizations and labor unions such as the UAW, NEA, AFT, and SEIU on organizing, advocacy, and electoral campaigns. Before founding Blue Compass Strategies, Jenna served as Executive Director of The Atlas Project, a research organization that provided the progressive community with data and analysis.

In addition to her role at Blue Compass, Jenna is also a partner at The Organizing Group, a political consulting firm that manages issue-advocacy, organizing, and political campaigns. Jenna currently serves as the Executive Director of The Accountability Project, an organization that holds right-wing individuals, organizations, and foundations accountable for attacks on the progressive movement in targeted states.

Jenna also manages the activities of several independent expenditure committees, including Working for Us PAC and They Work for Us. These organizations aim to hold politicians accountable for their actions and to support progressive candidates.

Jenna is a native of South Jersey and is currently based in Richmond, VA.